Welcome all of you into
my personal world and website where you will all come to know more about me.

Suspicoully I was born as a baby boy looking like a fatty lad smileyof 3.4 kgs . It must have been very hard for my mom to carry me for 9 months but finally I am out.

Born on 8th April 2011 to my papa Vishal and my mom Riya my birth place is Maur Mandi (a very small town in Punjab where nurses looked so old and bad). Wish I was born in some high speciallity modren nursing home with lots of young, beautiful and cute nurses around me. But as it says, whatever has to be happen and where to happen, always happen. From there I was shifted to Mansa (another small town where my nanu and nani lives) for 2 months and then finally to Panchkula (a modren city with lots of fun and cute babies ) . I love being in Panchkula as my chachu takes me to drive and I just love it looking outside the car.

I have a very busy schedule to maintain. I need to sleep, cry, poop and ohh laugh too. I also need to make sure that my mummy is happy therefore I need to eat some food too. Though I am not very fond of eating as I feel it robs me of some play time.. but still I find some time and eat. mummy ki khushi ke liye look what all I have to do! I also have to meet so many visitors who come to meet me so that leaves me with so many things to do!

Name : Arnav Goyal

Gender : Male

Born : April 8th, 2011
at 7:20 PM.

Parents : Riya and Vishal

Hair color : Black

Eye color : Black